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Thursday, 28 April 2016
Book Review – The Crossbow Code by MC Raj
Reviewed by Himanshika Sharma

The media is agog as the Pope passes out mysteriously on seeing Kris, thought to be a terrorist. But is he one? Kris escapes from the police and returns to meet the Police once again, after which the Pope is found poisoned to death!
On the run, Kris reaches Mumbai, where he gets to know that a prominent freedom fighter, Mohandas, was instrumental in his escape. But the man is not as he seems and Kris is dismayed by the experiments taking place at his ashram. However, a chance encounter leads him to Germany. But someone wants him dead and attempts an assassination that could spell doom for Kris.
Who is behind the Pope’s murder? How are all these countries connected? Who wants Kris dead? And lastly, who is this mysterious Kris?
Read on as a sinister international conspiracy is unraveled that will shock the reader as well as take them on an exhilarating ride, full of twists and turns in MC Raj’s thriller, THE CROSSBOW CODE.
About the story-
The story revolves around Kris, and his journey from the Vatican City to India, and then to Germany. Throughout his journey, various interesting incidents happen with Kris that leave everyone around him shocked. Some accuse Kris of being terrorist, while other supports the fact that his name is not Muslim, hence, he can’t be a terrorist.
With the death of Pope to the certain revelations about the famous Indian, Mohandas, the story opens many unknown facts about the history.
My verdict-
The story is for history geeks. The author has successfully penned down the mysteries one after the other. I personally liked the one-liner at the end of the paragraphs that gave storyline an interesting touch. Poems are beautifully written. Language is captivating.
The way author has narrated the story is commendable. There are many revelations about the famous people of the past, whether fiction or reality, but it surely keeps readers hooked till the end. An awesome piece of creativity from the writer’s pen!
Ratings- 4/5
Posted by himanshika sharma at 09:44