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April 23, 2016

“BLURR” REVIEW – ” The Crossbow Code” a fiction novel by Author, M C Raj is thought provoking, filled with intrigue and insight into different cultures, religions, beliefs and rituals. The Crossbow Code is shrouded in mystery until the very last page. Who is Kris? Who is this man that can make two sisters from India fall in love with him without trying and both agree to become his wives? Who is this man that can make the Pope faint at the mere sight of him? There is definitely something powerful and engaging about the main character of Kris, and you will definitely want to read The Crossbow Code to discover why!

Meeting the character Kris will make you feel a sense of familiarity. You will not only be captured by his personality but also by his two wives as well, Fatima and Rhea who happen to be sisters. Wherever Kris goes, it seems everyone is drawn to his wisdom, outspoken views, and his fight for fairness of the less fortunate. However, jealousy, betrayal, and even death follow him as well. How can one man cause this much attention?

The characters in this story come to life with their movements, thoughts and reactions. As you travel with them to India, Rome, and Germany, you will discover everything isn’t always as it seems. The Crossbow Code exposes life inside the Vatican. You will see many layers and deeds of corruption that go on behind the holy faces of the cardinals; the greed that breeds within the very walls that are supposed to teach love and charity are shattered and reveal fornication, unsavory business deals, and betrayal at its worst.

Author M C. Raj has managed to take us into different parts of the world and show us while we may go by different labels, there is an underlying similarity that is possessed by all and it is called human nature.
This thriller is filled with twist and turns as well as historical events that have been intertwined with a wonderful story that will make you see, no matter where you come from, there is a common thread that can be seen in all cultures, religions and humanity. The Crossbow Code will make you think and open your mind to the many mysteries that have traveled through the ages of time. You will be challenged to become more introspective about who you are and why you believe the things you do, and you may just questions if they are true.

To discover the mystery of Kris and to witness the loyalty and unfailing love of his lovely wives you must read The Crossbow Code. This novel will open your eyes to things that have existed throughout time and is still in existence today. Pick up your copy of The Crossbow Code today, you won’t be disappointed!

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