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Matter is Eternal 8

M C Raj

We need to simply acknowledge the limitations of the human mind. We tend to imagine that the human being is the centre of cosmic existence. Unfortunately, it is not. The cosmos has many other beings who form the axis of cosmic existence. Such beings are organic. There is also the non-organic matter that forms the axis of the cosmos. What the human intellect generally does not realize and does not accept is the non-organic and non-material existence of Cosmic waves that maintain the axis of cosmic existence. The human intelligence tends to easily dismiss the significance of waves in the cosmos that maintains the balance of cosmic movement and change. Organic bodies, matter and waves existed from eternity. They had no beginning and they will have no end.

In our limited human understanding, we tend to imagine that as soon as an organic body is ‘dead’ its existence comes to an end. Such an imagination is the manifestation of the limitation of the human intelligence. Death is an event in the cosmic movement and change. It is because human beings imagine that their existence is sacrosanct they think big of death. This is a human frailty. When a human being dies in a road accident everyone rushes to see what happened and they feel saddened. But when an animal is hit on the road by a vehicle it becomes an insignificant event. If a bird or a frog or a snake is crushed under the wheels of a vehicle no one cares. But when a human being is caught under the wheels, they catch hold of the driver and he is even sent to jail for homicide. Such is the level of disparity in the human intelligence on their perception of life in different beings.

Just imagine other organic beings. They do not make themselves the axis of existence in the cosmos. In their order of things, they do not create any philosophy to make other beings inferior to them. They have no need to create disciplines of thought as they know well that it is not in their cosmic order of life. Human intelligence dismisses them as inferior beings and incapable of thinking functions. That is the height of arrogance in human beings. Yes, human beings are able to think differently. All other organic beings are also capable of thinking and feeling. Their thinking and feelings are different. It is the limitation of human intelligence to categorize what is different either as inferior or as superior. The other organic beings follow the cosmic order without any desire to overpower the same order that sustains them. They have not attempted to defy the cosmic order as they never felt insecure in the lap of the cosmos. They have organized their life very well according to what they need and in such a way that they will not violate the cosmic order.

Human intelligence often croaks about its inability to invent new things and new paths. Most of the things the human intelligence has done can be described as against the cosmic order and change. This is one of the reasons why human intelligence and beings have always had problems of happiness and sadness. Their body systems are highly disturbed as they normally go against the cosmic order and then they have to invent new technologies to counter their own inventions. Organic beings, other than humans engage in inventions according to their needs and in harmony with nature. Human intelligence simply dismisses such capacity and goodness and instinct and deride them as animalistic instinct.

Take for example, the behaviour of animals in being naked and in having sex without worrying about who sees them or not. Think of the aboriginal people in the Andaman and in many other regions of the world. They still continue to be naked and they are not ashamed of their nakedness. Human beings, on the other hand, have covered themselves with clothes and have prevented the physical touch of cosmic waves on their bodies. To that extent they have alienated themselves from the cosmos and this, in turn, has led them to act against the cosmic order. However, they cannot control their desire to be glued to the cosmic order and therefore, they create nude camps and open sex camps. What is so natural to organic being has become a hidden exercise in their anti-cosmic order. The more one prevents oneself from the physical touch of the cosmic waves the more dominant one is in his/her behaviour. Kings and queens, for example, cover themselves with heavy metals and the rich cover themselves with dresses that do not allow free flow of air into their body cells. Their inventions are also mostly for killing, overpowering, defeating others and subjugating them.

Other organic beings have no need to invent many weapons and machines because they are not guided by insecurities and by any desire to subjugate other beings. They have not had such a greed that they needed to invent weapons of mass destruction. They only use their physical power to defend themselves and they have no greed to expand themselves. It will be good leave aside this discourse for the time and take it up at a later time as this is a treatise in itself. We shall go back to the question of the eternity of the organic body. The organic body is imperishable as stated earlier. Its form changes but it does not perish. An animal or a human body apparently perishes after death. Human intelligence developed an enormous sense of fear and insecurity because of death. Animals do not have any fear of death because they do not suffer from any sense of perpetuation. Death is just the next step of transformation of cosmic form. It is a necessary step in the cosmic movement and change. Animals do not even want to understand the significance of death in their lives. They just die.

Was there a beginning of organic existence? Will there be an end to organic existence. No. Organic existence is without beginning and without an end. From one form of existence to another, organic beings keep changing their forms of existence and there will be no end at all to organic existence. Will human being perish and will there be a time when they will not exist? There is no need for such a question and the same question can be raised about every other organic being. We do not have to look for an answer to such a question as our forms of existence may change into anything that we cannot anticipate. The change of forms of existence is beyond the comprehension of human intelligence and our quest should stop at it.

The movement of the cosmos is maintained by the waves that fill the cosmos. Waves emanate from matter. The cumulative essence of the cosmos is matter. Matter keeps on producing waves. This producing of waves need not be understood as new waves. The planets in the cosmos are maintained in their orbit through the movement of these waves. However, there cannot be any increase or decrease in the quantum of the waves. What is new is the way the cosmic waves are transformed into new forms of waves. This process is called entropy in science. Cosmic waves go through this process of entropy endlessly and maintain the equilibrium of the cosmos. One set of waves merge with another set of waves and they become new set of waves. This is called entropy. This merger of waves and assumption of new forms of waves keep on going in the cosmos. Thus, what many people say about the destruction of the earth by humans is an unscientific and false assumption. The planet earth cannot be destroyed by frail human beings and by their tall claims of superiority. It is human beings who have to safeguard themselves against the anger of the cosmos. The Anger here is euphemistically used.