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Besides the material planets, cosmos exists in the form of waves. Space is filled with different types of waves. Just for our understanding we can name these waves as sound waves, light waves, thought waves and feeling waves. There could be many other waves. Maybe another philosopher would find other names for some other waves. These waves go through a continuous process of entropy. Entropy is a process recognized in science wherein one type of waves merges into another type and becomes new waves. Scientists generally apply this to energy waves. The Cosmos is in eternal movement and change. When I say change I do not mean to say that the Cosmos becomes something else. But I mean this entropy of waves within the cosmos. It is this entropy that keeps the cosmic balance. Let us try to understand this. Human intelligence would face its ultimate failure if it imagined cosmos to be a place with boundaries within which all matter keeps moving and changing. Cosmos is thus a perception, a creation of human intelligence to understand itself. The Cosmos is neither the cause nor is it caused. It is and will always be without beginning and end. Human intelligence is unable to perceive this eternal nature of cosmos. Therefore, it has created a god to suit its inability to perceive the eternity of the cosmos. When we put together all the waves and planets together in our intelligence we call it cosmos.

Let us further understand the process of entropy and how it works in the cosmos. Let us imagine that Jesus lived in history. Even if he did not exist there was, at least, one person or a group of persons who thought and spoke the things that are written in the New Testament as that of Jesus’. This person(s) had his feelings, thoughts, words and actions. All of these reached the audience through waves. It means the waves were in the cosmos. We must not imagine that these waves were new. They were imbibed in the body of Jesus or of those who represented Jesus. Such waves already existed in the cosmos and had gone through a process of entropy while entering the cells of the body either of Jesus or of those who spoke like Jesus. These waves continued to go through entropy after the death of Jesus.

Two perceivable trajectories of entropy took place. One was, the waves that entered into the cells of Paul. He was a highly educated man in the Greek School of thought. This means that he was full of a dichotic vision of the world. But the Aramaean Jesus belonged to a different school of thought. The Greek philosophy of Paul had an overbearing influence in the entropy process. No doubt that waves from the feelings, thoughts, actions and speeches of Jesus entered the cells of Paul. But he was not a direct disciple of Jesus. He could only get in his cells waves of Jesus that had already gone through entropy. Since Paul had a heavy Greek education the already existing waves in his cells took a dominant role over the imbibed waves. In other words, his Greek waves subjugated the Aramaic waves of Jesus. I am aware that this is a naïve way of putting things across. But this is necessary for the sake of those who are not used to entropy and the possible ways it takes place. This trajectory finally took the waves of Jesus through a multifarious blending to the cells of emperor Constantine who declared Christianity as the State religion of his empire. From then on the history of the Church turned into a very highly dominating and violent one. This was just contrary to what the New Testament has written about Jesus. Much of this happens already at the time entering the cells of a human body. That is why we see that the perception of human beings is different from what the original speaker or writer says. The person who receives the waves in her/his body already receives them as entropy, as waves that merged with waves in her/his own body. If the waves that are present already in the cells of the body of a person are much stronger then the new waves received in certain other cells of the body can easily be subjugated and the new waves will have a different perception of realities. Entropy within a given body can take place both at the conscious and at the subconscious levels. We shall deal with this more in detail later.

The other trajectory of entropy of waves was carried in the body of all those who were direct disciples of Jesus. This focus on direct disciples is necessary to say that it was more likely that the waves that emanated from the person of Jesus had a direct influence in their body cells. One of the glaring examples of such entropy is the dear disciples John and Peter. In this trajectory one can say confidently that the waves emanating from Jesus or those who are imagined to be Jesus was not easily subjugated to dominant waves of other philosophy. This took a trajectory through the early martyrs and finally could be found in the body cells of Karl Marx. We can say that Jesus was the first Marx and Karl Marx was the second Jesus. By giving these examples, I do not mean to say that these are the only people whose body received the waves of Jesus or those who acted and spoke on his behalf. There could have been millions of others. But I take one glaring example to make a better understanding of how it works.

The waves that constitute cosmos in our limited understanding can be compared to what philosophers and theologians have expatiated as the spirit. The problem with philosophers is that they created a dichotomy between matter and spirit. They also extolled spirit as superior to matter. That is humanity’s greatest betrayal. The waves cannot be separated from matter. They exist together. It is only in our perception that they exist separately. There cannot be waves without matter and matter in the cosmos are essentially sustained by the waves. Waves can be captured by matter and new waves can be emitted from matter. Human intelligence has failed often to perceive this essentially unified existence of matter and waves. Different schools of thought have also emerged in history based on the priority they have accorded to either one of these realities. A set of philosophers has insisted on the temporary and perishable nature of matter and has accorded an eternal character to spirit. A different set of philosophers has given priority to the truth of matter and has called spirit as illusion. This phenomenon is the consequence of the incompetence in communicative interaction among philosophers.

The emergence of different schools can be traced to the pursuit of human intelligence to understand human life and death. Death was and still remains a mystery to most human intelligence. In the history of philosophy, death has posed more problems to ‘thinkers’ than birth. While birth has been placed on the brighter side of the world, death has been placed on the darker side. The mystery of death has incessantly baffled the intelligence of philosophers. Such philosophers and theologians have found it difficult to reconcile to the idea that birth and death are essential part of the cosmic movement and change. One should only be happy that human beings do not make a choice to be born while they still have the power to decide if they want to live or die. Till today, a vast majority of human beings have not accepted death with magnanimity as a cosmic phenomenon. This inability to accept death as part of a cyclic movement of the cosmos has led philosophers to indulge in an incompetent communicative interaction. They have dared to create another existence after death. Christianity has gone to the extent of propagating that at the end of the world all human beings will come alive with their original bodies. Nothing dies in the cosmos. Their existence is transformed. We shall come back to this a little later.

In order to perpetuate the illusionary existence of human beings after death, philosophers have unhesitatingly opted to create another world. Such a world can exist only in the perception of human beings and not really. If it should be true it should be another planet. But human intelligence has not known the truth of such a world. Even if such a world exists it can only be a material planet. It would then defy the logic of a spiritual world meant for the spirit. In order to camouflage the contradiction of the spirit going to a material world after death, they also created a dichotomy in human perception of a good world and a bad world. According to them, the material world is not only temporary but also is evil. Such a dichotomy then flowed into human logic as to how the dead would go to the world of the spirit. For those who created the illusion of another world, it was not at all difficult to create another human illusion of soul dwelling in the body. Ultimately they expose their glaring incompetence in communicative interaction. The soul or the spirit lives in the human body. This means the invisible spirit needs a visible physical body for its existence. How can such a spirit that is very dependent on material body exist in another world without a body? Being unable to reconcile the contradictions of their own unintelligence they transferred the perception of the soul and spirit to the realm of faith. Where faith starts, intelligence becomes enslaved. They made their incompetent and incomprehensible communicative interaction as superior to human intelligence. Those human beings who were not abstract philosophers and theologians were made to imagine that having blind faith was much safer and secure than the hard path of pursuing reason. I am not much interested in the politics of philosophy here, as that would undermine the sublime reality of philosophy.