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The Crossbow Code – Fiction at its Best, a novel by M C Raj Author…..

A novel by M C Raj Author…..
Published by The Panther House Publications

To be released on 13 February at the International Institute of Special Studies, Lucknow. All are invited to attend. Exact time of Book Release will be announced a little later.

About the Novel

Vatican is the pinnacle of Christian power. Easter Mass! The Pope looks at Kris and swoons. Can Kris be a terrorist? Power crumbles. The mystery starts unfolding. Kris is arrested

A group of American Cardinals decide to physically eliminate the Pope and Kris… The mystery deepens. The Pope is poisoned to death. Why the Pope…?

Just before that, the two Muslim wives of Kris meet the Pope and get him released… Back in India Kris confronts Mohandas in Sabarmati Ashram… A new twist to the story unfolds. His experiments with naked truth evoke yuck in them.

Mataji (Kasturba) and Kris join hands in challenging Mohandas. Mataji refuses to go to Bombay with Mohandas. They part ways…The plot of the novel thickens. Kris draws precious lessons in the banks of river Sabarmati…Mataji kicks the bucket.

Kris flies to Germany on the invitation of his gay journalist friends Mueller to meet Karl for a job…The international horizon opens up…The belly of the plane also carries a very weighty Indian philosopher, Bhim Raj. Fatima, the second wife of Kris’ takes a liking to Bhim Raj.

Surprise galore… They meet again at Karl’s place. The trinity of philosophers meets and takes a liking to one another. Destiny tries to catch up with Kris. In a television show in Berlin, hired goons of American Cardinals aim to shoot at Kris. Karl intervenes and is killed. Kris is seriously wounded and hospitalized. In the hospital Kris challenges on his decision to convert to Buddhism. Bhim departs unable to bear the thought that he made a serious mistake in converting to Buddhism…

The nun who poisoned the Pope dishes the dirt on the death of the pope. She puts on show the names of Cardinals who made her commit the heinous crime…American and German diplomacy covers up her version of truth…She is sent to a lunatic hospital.

Kris recovers…. Mueller takes Kris and his wives around Germany along River Rhine. The scenic beauty mesmerizes them. They had to leave Germany… Mueller takes them to Brazil for a conference of the Indigenous peoples… Kris becomes a hero with his fiery speeches… Fatima develops serious doubts about his identity. A quarrel ensues. A Shamanic woman from Native Americans reveals to Fatima the true identity of Kris…Surprises turn into shocks for Rhea and Fatima.

The bully boys of American Cardinals pump a few bullets into the chest of Kris. His two wives return to India to start a new journey of life….How…? Where…? With whom…? And a final question…Who is Kris??? Puzzle out the answer through the pages of The Crossbow Code. A festival awaits you…