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If the Universe is caused by the eternal cause said to be god, the human mind will land up in yet another contradiction. This cause is not material. It causes something that is contrary to its nature if it causes matter. Can the immaterial cause something material including the cosmic waves? Matter is a necessary prerequisite for causing even the immaterial waves. Cosmic waves are not produced from a total vacuum. Waves require a material base. Let us think of light waves. The planet sun produces light waves. Sound waves are produced from something material. Even lightning and thunder are caused by matter. These, in turn, are the cosmic waves. Likewise, there are thought waves and feeling waves. Thought and feelings are not caused in the vacuum. They need the material base of a living body to come into the cosmos as waves. As we shall see later, the cosmic waves are not caused by matter. They keep evolving through a process called entropy. This is known as the cosmic movement and change. We shall dwell on this in detail later.

Can space exist without matter in the cosmos? To say that space can exist without matter may be possible in human imagination but it will be equivalent to saying that nothingness can exist by itself. Non-existence is nothingness. To say nothingness exists will be equivalent to saying that non-existence exists. Only the human mind can produce such irrational premises. Even faith requires a material base. There is no question of the existence of faith without a body. Faith is embodied and conditioned by the body in which it lives. Religious faith is founded not on its own authority but on the authority of the word that is spoken by another. This ‘another’ enforces ‘his’ word through the authority of the divine. This is not the same as the development of one’s thought emerging through the thought waves and feeling waves already moving in the cosmos in the process of entropy. Before going into it let us resolve the issue of the emergence of the word in time. In our limited understanding word is a form that is given to a thought or a feeling. Unless there is a thought or a feeling there is no possibility of the existence of the word. Word is a derivative and not a cause.

‘In the beginning was the word’ implies that there was a beginning in time. The word mentioned in the Bible is the absolute word. The next question is what existed before the beginning. What caused the word? Is it possible for the word to exist without a thought or feeling? Does the Bible mean an unuttered word? If so, does it mean a thought? The Bible clearly says that the word existed without thought and feeling as the cause. It says the word was god. If the Bible says that the word can exist without the foundations of thoughts and feelings then word and thought have to be disassociated. Since the word in the Bible belongs to the realm of faith it will be good to leave it at that, as faith often does not lend itself to reasonable rationalization. Separation of faith from reason will open up the horizon of honest exploration into the cosmos. But the point for understanding is that even faith requires a material base, that is the body. The Greek word for word is the logo. It would also mean knowledge. Many schools of thought have attached an absolute value to knowledge. They have held the position that knowledge exists by itself. They call it the absolute knowledge.

Anything that does not have origin in matter can only be an illusion. Space for example, exists only in as much as it is perceived by human intelligence. Time exists only in as much as it is perceived in fragments by human intelligence. If there is no matter both can only be illusions. If there was no sun and no moon, human intelligence would not even know what time would mean. Human intelligence takes its origin in the material base of human body. All material things exist even if the human intelligence does not perceive them. But time and space exist only in human perception. Living beings other than those endowed with human intelligence are not conditioned by the illusions of time and space. They just live their lives and disappear. Like time and space, knowledge too requires a material base for its existence. The material base for knowledge is the human body. Knowledge as a block existing away from matter can only be an illusion.

The conflict between schools of thoughts on matter and spirit is very ancient. It has been going on in human society endlessly. It is a manifestation of the weakness of the human being to acknowledge its limitations. There have been many schools of thought that have attached absolute value to knowledge. The same schools have also attached absolute value to the non-material spirit or the soul as some would call it. Some schools have gone to the extent of calling matter and the material world as illusion and only the ‘Supreme Soul’ as truth. Like time, space, and knowledge, truth is also a matter of human perception. It does not exist except in the body of human beings. Truth, to be true has to exist in a material base. If there are no human beings, there would not be any truth and knowledge. Human beings can only imagine truth. The existence of time, space, truth and knowledge differ from matter to matter. Different human beings in different parts of the world perceive truth and knowledge in different ways. When we say matter as the basis of the existence of these, we mean to say that the material foundation is the human body. This is the axis of human existence. Just as the Cosmos has a material existence, all living beings have also material existence in their bodies.

The Cosmos is in timeless, eternal movement and change. The life of the cosmos is this movement. Living beings do not have existence outside of the cosmos. Their existence is an essential part of the cosmic movement. In fact, living beings are only a tiny part of the cosmic movement. In as much as living beings are part and parcel of the material axis of the cosmos they are also eternal. What then is the Cosmos? Can it be comprehended? It will be preposterous for human intelligence to unravel the mysteries of the Cosmos. Unfortunately the human intelligence has tried its best to understand and even bring the Cosmos under its knowledge regimen. The Cosmos has been continuously reminding human intelligence of its limitation as a tiny part of the Cosmic movement.