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One of the realities that haunts human mind is the question of matter. Can matter be eternal? Can the earth be eternal? Can the planets be eternal? There must be a creator, who is the cause of the universe. Human mind creates an essential tie between the cause and the caused. This is a clear limitation of the human mind. The limitation becomes evident when the same human mind says that god, the creator is eternal. He lives in timelessness. He is the cause of everything that exists. Note that the creator of the human mind is not gender neutral. When Moses asks god his name the voice in the Bush says, “I am who am”, the YHWH. This “I am who am” existed much before the universe was created, that is much before the cause caused anything. Therefore, there was a time when the cause did not cause anything or can we say that the cause caused itself? If the cause caused itself it comes within the perimeter of time. Our question is: How can a cause exist without causing anything? By implication, creation would mean that there was a time when god did not create anything, both material and living. This will mean that there was a time when the cause was not the cause. Or to put it differently there was a time when the cause became the cause. Becoming necessarily implies subjecting oneself to the boundaries of time.

This will bring us to the question of being and becoming. For the sake of argument we can say that till he became the cause god was just being, “I am who am”. But there was a time when the being became. Time separated the being without being the cause and time marked the becoming of the being. Therefore, the cause that is supposed to be only ‘being’ became a cause within the framework of time. If that is the beginning of time what was the ‘being’ that existed? Can we say then that time started when the being ‘became’ the cause? Only this will legitimize the premise that the being existed in timelessness. Will the end of the universe then mark the going back of the cause to a state of being? If we sat yes, then we have to agree that the being causes the becoming and also causes its end. The simple conclusion we can draw is that the universe could not have been caused within the framework of time. It will be a simple and contradictory speculation to think of a cause within the framework of time. Such a contradiction comes because of an unhealthy mixture of faith with reason.

The cause has caused everything that exists, says faith drawn from Scriptures of respective religions. But the question that remains unanswered is which cause caused space and time. It is quite evident that space cannot be caused by another cause. Space is unlimited without any boundaries. Space is eternal. The material universe is inseparable from space. Space is neither a cause nor is it caused. Time is not caused either. If one says that time is caused it becomes self-contradictory. The moment something is caused it falls within the boundaries of time. If the cause is beyond time, the act of causing falls within the boundaries of time. Or we must say that being the cause and the act of causing are timeless. In such a case we shall be compelled to acknowledge that space and time are simultaneous to the cause.

That the cause could have been caused by human limitations becomes evident when the male gender is ascribed to the creator. If human mind has caused the cause (supposedly) then the cause itself falls within the framework of time. The cause (god) as timeless is a contradiction in terms. If the act of causing is timeless then what is caused also becomes timeless. In this case there will be many eternal beings. Therefore, it will be good to leave the question of god to the realm of beliefs of limited human feelings and intellect. It is preposterous on the part of human intellect to even try to assert the existence of something that is timeless. It will be good also to give up the discourses, the premises and syllogisms of timelessness. Something that is bound by time cannot adequately dwell on timelessness.

Is the existence of the Universe, of matter, of living beings etc. all that are ascribed a temporary existence bound by time or are they eternal? (To continue)