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Will Booshakthi Kendra be Spared?……

It is very true that our family has built up the Booshakthi Kendra together with Adijan people as an environmental paradise from the scratches. We bought the land in order to help a young village man to get a job. It was at the insistence of one of our staff that we bought it. We did not see the land till two months after the registration. It sounded stupid to have done this. When we visited the land for the first time it was confirmed that we were very stupid, as the land was a 100% waste land with deep valley at the centre and in three places. It was unfit for agriculture. But as was our nature we slowly invested our monthly salary on developing the land. In the beginning we could not stay in this land as we had very busy schedule in our Organization. The people who looked after the land were very lethargic and lacked imagination to develop the land.

It was in 2001 that we decided to start the Adijan Ashram in our place. It was a popular demand from the people of Tumkur District in Karnataka. In 2003, the people also made a demand that my wife and I should begin to live in our land. We decided to start Booshakthi Kendra, the Adijan Ashram and live there. When we set out to construct the main building that is our residence, I had the idea of an open space that would welcome all people of good heart. Therefore, I decided not to go to an engineer or an architect. Instead, I designed it in my simple way. I invited some village masons and carpenters and placed the idea before them. They were ready to work according to my plan. I decided to stand on the spot for six months and complete the building under my personal supervising. It was done.

While we were working on the building, the Central government of India constructed the National Highway 4. Our land is just attached to the NH4 and we lost out an acre of land. The compensation that we got helped us to construct the building. The Officer at the NHAI was a good man. He instructed the contractor to fill up all the big valleys in our land with the waste that they dug out. Our luck was that just in front of our Kendra the road was dug some 15 feet deep and all the waste mud came to our land. We would not have even dreamt of spending the type of money for filling the three valleys.

After we came and settled down in Booshakthi Kendra the land started developing very fast. We brought in all sorts of seedling and planted them at regular intervals. People from our villages also came on their own and helped in the construction work through their voluntary work. From the time we shifted to this place Booshakthi Kendra has become a beehive of activities. We also registered the Booshakthi Kendra Trust.

This year, i.e. in 2015, the government has marked all the land in our area for industrialization and has started acquiring them. We have approached the Deputy Commissioner that Booshakthi Kendra should not be acquired as it is an institution with many building and visitors from all over the world come here. Our Movement leaders said that they would go to the DC first by themselves and only after measuring the attitude of the officers both of us should go to meet them. The DC was a very good man. He wrote in our letter immediately that Booshakthi Kendra should not be acquired. Our Team also went to meet the Acquisition officer who has also said that our place will not be acquired. This will remain a good news till we get an official letter from the department saying that the first ever Adijan Ashram in India will not come under acquisition for the industrial area. It will be the worst irony if it comes.

Though we are at rest outwardly, there are some ripples in the heart that a place where the trees have become our sisters, the animals have become our brothers and sisters, where peacocks from the neighbouring forest come regularly for breeding, where the early morning is filled with chirping of birds, where we have planted 2250 trees in this 8.5 acres of land. This place must be saved and we hope that the government will be sensitive.