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Press release by NotionPress

“Madderakka- MC Raj’s romantic fiction published by Notion Press

Notion Press’s Author Incubation Program which lets every individual writer to get published and sell reasonable copies in the market, has been acknowledged by many as a very helpful tool to showcase their talent in this very challenging field of books and publishing.
From the well-known writer in India with more than 21 published books, M C Raj brings you Madderakka a love story where two cultures meet and entwine. The plot revolves around the romance between Ramona, a Sami girl from Norway and Veeran, a young Adijan from India who meet online to end in love. Ramona helps Veeran travel to Norway to study. On return, Veeran’s jealous neighbor organizes an attempted rape of Ramona. She is deported back to Norway where she gives birth to Madderakka. Veeran goes to Norway to join Ramona, but fate has other plans for them. He returns to India with Madderakka and what happens next is an interesting twist in the tale.
The author M C Raj is a frequent international traveler, giving lectures at different universities and conferences. He is a reputed social and political campaigner who combines a rare intellectualism with his activism. He is an international opinion leader on many issues and is also an environmentalist who has registered the first ever pro-Dalit CDM project with the UNFCCC. He has received an International Literary Award from the US and was honored by the British Minister Claire Shot in Birmingham for a huge volume of 820 pages that he wrote. He lives at Adijan Ashram in India which was started by him. This is his eighth novel of a fictional love story breezes through two cultures, touching upon what has never been done before.
To buy a copy of Madderakka, visit flipkart, amazon.com, amazon.in, amazon.co.uk, infibeam, sapna, bookadda, it is also available as an ebook on kindle, rockstand, scribd. Romance is in the air…”