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A Romantic Journey through Cultures

A Novel by M C Raj

Veeran from India strikes a friendship with a young Sami philosopher, Ramona in Norway through online chatting. As their friendship grows they connect to their indigenous history and culture. She manages to get financial support for his research from the Sami Parliament.

Introduction of the villain Kathir takes place through Veeran’s flashback. Unable to stomach Veeran’s trip to a foreign country Kathir scuttles the issuance of a passport to Veeran. But Veeran’s former professor obtains his passport. Kathir vows revenge.

Ramona is from the city of Alta. Narration of history and the Sami struggle in Alta captivates Veeran. Love blooms. Sarah, her mother, is all understanding. She is the one who led the Alta struggle and narrates to Veeran all about the struggle. He becomes one with the family of Ramona in Alta. Sarah yoiks for Ramona and Veeran. He finds a similarity with Yoik in Norway and Kummipaattu in India.

The scene shifts to India. A Team of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation pitches its tent in Veeran’s home to shoot a documentary on the achievements of Madderakka, the daughter of Ramona. She is selected for a very prestigious Kummipaattu Indigenous Award instituted by the Sami Parliament.

Veeran and Ramona return to India together. Ramona is welcomed in traditional style and becomes the cynosure of the village. She also has many cultural shocks in store. She becomes very popular among the people and large gatherings attend some of her public meetings. Veeran’s mother suggests that they should visit the first ever Adijan Ashram in India. Subsequently Ramona plunges herself into land struggles in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Kathir has powerful connections among landlords and is supported by them to put down Veeran. Ramona, in the company of Deepti, spearheads a cultural and political transformation in the community. Kathir manages to arrange hired goons from Mumbai to rape Ramona. Ramona fights them valiantly. Ramesh rushes to Ramona’s rescue and is killed by one of the goons. The goons escape. Deepti becomes completely reclusive contrary to her nature, after the death of Ramesh.

The local bureaucracy is very angry with Ramona for having transferred the police inspector who was hand in gloves with Boraiah and Kathir. The Collector deports her to Norway. Ramona goes back to Norway promising to come back. The Sami Parliament is happy to offer jobs to both of them in the Parliament. Veeran returns to Norway with the hope of taking Ramona back to his people.

News of her pregnancy completely changes the reclusive character of Deepti. The village women sing Kummipaattu for the child in the womb. Ramona gives birth to Madderakka. Ramona joins the Labor Party of Norway. She becomes President of the Sami Parliament. She dies of an accidental electrical shock in Argentina. Both father and daughter return to India. Madderakka takes up the unfulfilled mission of Ramona.

She becomes the heroine of the second part of the story. She starts the land struggle from where Ramona left in Tamilnadu. She shifts the focus of the struggle to demand from the government of Tamilnadu a legal policy to distribute five acres of land to each landless family.

She becomes very famous in India and starts an exchange programme with the Sami Parliament. The Government of Tamilnadu gives the first Ramona International Award to Veeran. The Samediggi chooses Madderakka for the Kummipaattu Indigenous Award. The Government of Tamilnadu simultaneously enacts a policy to provide five acres of land to each landless family.

Veeran escapes often into the woods to converse with his beloved Ramona. In one such meeting, he dies in the lap of Ramona. All people celebrate his death.