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Sweet and Sour in Chennai

CERI on the March……

The two of these stalwarts stormed their audience on 22 November 2014 on the need for Proportional Representation system in India. For the first time Thiruma spelt out word by word his and his party’s acknowledgement of the need for PR system. This year was special for its thunderstorm and heavy rain. Thiruma was unstoppable in his analysis and appreciation of PR system. The skies in Chennai would pour down its streams of water any time. Its stomach was full. So were the two leaders filled with deep desires and commitment to see the inclusion of their people in the political spaces of this county. The dams, the canals! Man’s ability to control the flow of nature to suit his avaricious ambitions. But nothing could stop these two. So it seems from the way the day’s proceedings manifested.

This man Thamimun Ansari is a marvel, very systematic in planning and very professional in execution. These are days of earthmovers. These are also days of Ansaris. Many others do this and most of my friends do that. But what is special about him is the ease with which he does everything. He hides himself from public glare while doing this and yet the pride in him is clear. I had to watch carefully my fingers when I ran them over the sharp fold in his shirt. Perfection personified. Inner pride of himself manifesting itself in the dress he chose to wear for the occasion. With Bibiana getting down to earth fully in preparation of the mega event in Tamilnadu under aegis of VCK, MMK and CERI events started unfolding gradually. VCK is the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, a Dalit party in Tamilnadu from the original Dalit Panthers and MMK is the Makkal Munnetra Katchi, a Muslim party started by Dr. Jawahirullah MLA. VCK was started by Thol. Thirumavalavan, former MP.

Gathering of heavy clouds! A prelude to the much-awaited heavenly showers. Parched earth people gladden their hearts with the sight of dark think clouds in the sky. Inundated earthly people despise the sight of such clouds. India is a parched land of democracy. The streams are controlled. A few, a very few reap rich harvest from the harvesting of waters. The vast majority are left with longing for more frequent elections so that their houses may see some grains. Concentration of power contrasting dilution of the power! The rich and the poor – two faces of the same coin called democracy in India. A sham democracy, a shame for the sensitive!

There was no death of dark thick rain clouds in Chennai this season. The preparations for the oncoming Orientation to the senior cadres of MMK and VCK dissipated the dust storm and made way for the rainy clouds. It needed the miracle of Ansari, Bibiana, Sinthanai Selvan, Ravikumar (ex-MLA), Thol. Thiruma (ex-MP), Dr. Jawahirullah (MLA) and M C Raj. Sinthanai announced that Thor. Thiruma would be the Chairman of the South India Coalition for PR system. A timely announcement indeed! It created the political and social compulsion that Dr. Jawahirulla should find an exalted place also in the power equations of CERI. The Core Group of that meets in Chennai on 30 November has its task cut out already now. MMK providing food to all participants from their coffers added a lot of taste to the palate.

Ruminations! After stuffing oneself with the euphoria of a successful day! Up in the sky one felt the dire need to come down to the earth if one had to reach one’s destination. When the thick dark clouds departed leaving a trail of joy, and water beneath our feet was drained out one was able to see clearly the sewage in which one lives. There was not a single woman in the crowd except for the glamorous presence of Leena and Bibiana. Without women there will be no electoral reforms. The need for educating the parties reins high on the agenda of CERI. Men cannot bring equality in society as much as caste forces, communal forces, capitalists etc. cannot bring equality and freedom. Women of the world unite and fight! A call to reason and sensitivity!