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Trees and water laughing
The green filled terrain smiling
Waters flowing endlessly
Dancing their way to glory

Beautiful Goa!
Mesmerizing by her sheer looks
Smile on visitors, residents alike
Falling in love inevitable
Ready to embrace the humble

Armando Gonsalves was at the airport with his BMW. Machine and man were competing with each other in smoothness. Very rare species! Rich and powerful! Affable indeed in his dealings! Ever busy with umpteen numbers of issues that afflict Goa and also India. Yes, Goa must lead the way and set an example of how the country should be governed. The oft-repeated words from the committed man!

It was a dinner meeting that went on till 04.15 in the morning. You would mistake it for a rave party by the sheer time it took. But it was all discussion, heated discussion about Goa and the future of the country. He can call anybody in Goa in his mobile and they are there at the right time. Manohar Parrikar was the Chief Minister till recently. Best friends, no doubt! Disappointed with the way he led Goa! Looking for alternative ways of governance! Did not stumble upon PR. He knew it already. He was in Calcutta for the State Conference. Invited me earlier once four years ago for a discussion. “Now, it is the right time. That is why I have invited Raj. We should know when to do what. The time is ripe for Proportional Representation system. The country needs it more than ever. I am convinced of it. That is why I have invited Raj to discuss with you. Goa must lead the way.”

The former law Minister of India was an eminent presence in the discussions. Not to be outdone was Vishnu on the political horizon, the effervescent young energy who took the center stage in discussions. Solidly supported by the Chief Editor of the Times of India. A few other journalists, media persons and socially engaged personalities were part of the dinner meeting. Three hours of substantial discussions on PR. No dearth of questions and no less death of clarifications. Yes, the horizon became brighter. Tearing the gloomy clouds came a beacon of hope. All of them welcome the necessity for PR in India. Vishnu is ready to move even a bill in Goan Assembly asking for making Goa as a Pilot State. “Yes, it is not a State subject. I know it. But let us make noise and increase it all over the country. Let us wake up the Parliament.” Thundered Vishnu. There was sense in what everyone spoke that evening.

It was a repetition the next evening but with new set of people. Not before the Chief Editor of TOI sent his staff to interview Raj twice and publish a big write up the next day in the paper. Someone from NDTV all the way from Australia and a national scientist adorned the evening discussions. One of the journalists took the phone and called up another MLA. Armando spoke to him and there he was on our way to the airport. It was a luncheon meeting. Long discussions. The MLA tied our mouth by requesting that everything should be top secret. He laid bare very serious plans. But does not want anyone to pre-empt his moves. Difficult to make out whether he is the young energy or Vishnu is the young energy. Armando was a happy man when he took me back to the airport. Plans for a State Conference of Goa is set. CERI has to take it seriously and plan well with his team. Any takers in CERI along with me?

“We must be humble. We should forgive people. If only we have this forgiving nature there will not be any violence in the country. We must know that when people harm us they are actually helping us to grow. That is why I have started ‘Goaforgiving’. Pearls of wisdom from this man in the banks of a river! Armando the uncontainable multiple energy! He has a Jazz Group. Next on his firing line is the Goa Food Fest and then CERI Conference. No stopping of this man. There lies the secret of the success of CERI in Goa and who knows, Goa may lead the way for PR in India. It has the strength to do that.