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Featured Novel: ‘PlanetB2: Human War Against Nature’ by M. C. Raj

Jake Vyper
Published on 03-08-2014 12:24 AM

PlanetB2 is a sophisticated science fiction novel by M. C. Raj. The Indian author sums up PlanetB2 as an environmental, political, and spiritual novel about “Human war against nature, and its consequences.

American scientists have discovered an alien planet known as PlanetB2. The central figure of its global conflict is Rustler, the fictional American President who is determined to occupy and secretly destroy the planet if he’s not able to conquer it. But his secrets are busted after one of his confidantes leak his plans. The revelation becomes the catalyst of a world war that could devastate the world.

Raj is a philosopher focused on culture, spirituality and psychology. His fascination for cosmic spirituality brought him to a direct encounter with the way dominant nations and governments play their games. leading the world to near destruction through global warming, GHG emissions etc.

Interview with M.C. Raj

How is PlanetB2 different from Earth?

PlanetB2 is very different from Earth because it does not allow any negative energy wave to enter into it. It also has beings formed out of the entropy of positive and life-giving energy waves. These beings are the cumulative essence of such entropy These are cosmic beings who are in constant communicative interaction with all those beings, humans and non-humans whose body cells are receptive to life-giving energy waves.

Tell us about the Sci-Fi elements of your book.

There are aliens in the form of the beings in PlanetB2 who communicate with the beings on earth. There are many spaceships that make foray into PlanetB2. There are advanced technologies of building these spaceships in order to make it ‘fit’ to enter PlanetB2 after initial failures. The advancement of technology and the materials used to build the spaceships are explained in detail. The spaceships also contain many deadly weapons of mass destruction that are nuclear, biological and chemical. Scientists are in any case discovering new planets and my fictional foray is that there could be such a planet as PlanetB2.

How do you tie the issues of global warming and GHG emissions with the story?

The present dominant nations are blindly indulging in destroying eco-balance and have created holes in ozone layer. They have generated enormous amount of Carbon-dioxide in the universe. These are heat waves with life destroying energy. By their essence they reduce the possibility of life on earth. Such nations that indulge in blind emission of GHG have no concern for those beings who in harmony with nature. Such nations have divided the world sharply between lovers of nature and blind ‘masters’ of the universe.

What’s the most challenging part of writing this book?

I took nearly three days to invent a legitimate reason for the World War. The writing got stuck. But I managed to wriggle out of this impasse after three days. Once this was done the way the war progressed just enchanted me as a writer. The war plots were thrilling all the way.

What legitimate reason for World War did you make?

It is the fear in the psyche of Rustler, the American President that the entire world is teaming up against. They don’t want him to succeed in his mission to PlanetB2. It is his assumption that a network of nations on Earth, led by Germany was hell-bent on preventing his ‘final’ mission to PlanetB2

Has Indian culture and society influenced the themes of your writings?

The spirituality of the Dalit people (Untouchable) people in India has greatly influenced the writing of this novel. This is the case also with spirituality of indigenous peoples all over the world. I have travelled across the world to be in touch with many indigenous communities and their spiritual leaders.

Who do you think is the true antagonist of “PlanetB2”?

All those nations that firmly believe that god created the world and entrusted it in the hands of man to master over it. All those nations that believe that development of the world is dominating over other nations and plundering their wealth either through neo-colonial methods or through discourses of ‘democracy’.

What are your views about cosmic psychology? Do you present these views in your novel?

Actually I have written three previous books on cosmic philosophy, cosmic spirituality and cosmic psychology. A genuine cosmic psychology will believe that all beings are born once and die once. With that the life of beings come to an end. If this psyche is deeply rooted in every being there will be humility in the universe and no one would try to dominate over the other. Cosmic psychology also focuses on the fact that beings in the cosmos exist in communicative interaction. We communicate through waves that are generated from matter and body cells of living beings. Human beings should be psychologically prepared well to receive such waves in humility and live by such communicative waves that fill the cosmos. If our body cells are open enough they function as virtual reception centers of cosmic waves. Human beings can opt to close the receptive capacity of their body cells to negative waves and make them receive positive energy waves if they raise their subconscious waves to their conscious level and strengthen their inner being with more and more positive waves from the cosmos. In order to do this each person should be able to live deeply with the cultural values of cosmic beings on earth instead of blindly allowing their bodies to be filled with commercial waves that are produced by dominant psyche. A cosmic Psyche is fundamentally secure. When there is insecurity in the psyche of persons they begin to overcome this insecurity by establishing their power over others. This leads to the disparity of the powerful and the powerless in the world.

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