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Author M C Raj takes readers on a breathtaking journey to ‘PlanetB2’

New novel explores some of today’s most pressing issues

India – Renowned Indian writer M C Raj returns to the world of literature with “PlanetB2” (published by Partridge India). Blending fact with fiction, reality with the speculative, Raj’s sixth novel is all at once a breathtaking interplanetary adventure, an examination of the ramifications of the incessant human conquest of nature and a look into a world teetering on the cusp of either progress or devastation.

The eponymous PlanetB2 is a newfound world with its own life forms. The Americans want to occupy PlanetB2 at once – a plan spearheaded by US President Rustler. The figurehead has ambitiously expressed his intent to occupy and “Americanize” PlanetB2 and more ambitiously declared his plans to destroy it if he does not get his way.

Soon it becomes apparent that failure is the only certain outcome of President Rustler’s missions. Out of disillusionment and desperation, he turns his ire toward his opponents. This is only the beginning of a series of events that will not only pit the world’s superpowers against each other but threaten the very fate of humankind.

Raj, the evocative and gifted narrator, guides readers on a journey through clandestine political meetings, space missions, war-ravaged cities and finally to his novel’s stunning conclusion. Brilliantly orchestrated and deftly plotted, “PlanetB2” is speculative fiction at its finest.

By M C Raj
Hardcover | 5 x 8in | 442 pages | ISBN 9781482817065
Softcover | 5 x 8in | 442 pages | ISBN 9781482817058
e-book | 442 pages | ISBN 9781482817041

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About the Author
M C Raj is a well-known writer in India with more than 19 published books. He writes on philosophy, psychology, spirituality and politics. He is a frequent international traveler giving lectures in different universities and conferences. He is a reputed social and political campaigner who combines a rare intellectualism with his activism. He is an international opinion leader on many issues and leads a powerful Dalit Movement in Kamataka. Having done five researches in Germany, Norway, Nepal, the Netherlands and New Zealand, he has initiated a major national campaign for electoral reforms in India known as CERI. He has brought together indigenous communities in ten countries in a historic First Round Table of the World Parliament of Indigenous Peoples. He has also started Booshakthi Kendra, the first ever Dalit Ashram in India. He is pragmatically involved in global warming mitigation endeavors.