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Human War Against Nature

M C Raj

Yes, it is a real and devastating war. A world war that destroys the entire humanity leaving out only a remnant of people who are able to communicate effectively with the Cosmic beings in PlanetB2 and survive the onslaught of NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons from all super powers on earth! Many personalities and events in harmony with cosmos lead to the emergence of a new borderless world after the self-destruction wrought by dominant nations of the world with the stockpile of all their weapons. But the intriguing plots that lead to the killing of world leaders by enemy forces in the war are no less absorbing. A novel that readers will not put down easily till they complete it unless they had no desire at all for survival. PlatB2 is also a saga of the genius and weirdo of one man who happens to become the American President, not by a quirk of fate but by a very systematic building of a charismatic character and popularity.

American scientists secretly discover a new planet with life. Rustler, the American president names it ‘PlanetB2’ for reasons best known only to himself. Things move so fast that at the end he himself is lacerated into many pieces by a group of bears and has no time to reveal to the world why he named it PlanetB2. He is the last eminent personality to disappear from the face of the earth that fought a bloody war against the cosmic beings in PlanetB2. The mystery of the novel is that the cosmic beings are the most non-violent and peace loving beings. Rustler’s ambition to capture PlanetB2 and make it exclusively American proves to be his ultimate doom. His plans to destroy cosmic beings in PanetB2 with his NBC weapons triggers the final world war.

Plumbel, the confidante of Rustler’s is the villain of the piece. However, the dividing line between the hero and the villain is very murky. One can take both these characters either as hero or as villain from their exalted positions of allegiance. The worst inadvertent mistake they both make together in the mission to PlanetB2 is to have recruited first a genius of an astronaut, Carolina from the Native American community. They repeat the ‘mistake’ and again include Marissa, another shamanic Native American astronaut in the next mission to PlanetB2. The missions fail but both these girls manage to get into PlanetB2 only because their bodies were filled with cosmic waves. The cosmic beings in PlanetB2 have become cosmic because of the entropy of positive and life giving waves in the cosmos. The cumulative essence of the entropy of life giving energy waves is the formation of the bodies of cosmic beings who live in PlanetB2.

Carolina and Marissa become part of the beings in PlanetB2, but not before Plumbel becomes their ardent fan and also falls in love with Marissa unconditionally. He joins their company while living on earth and that leads to the chasm between his bosom friend Rustler and himself. Like his students, Plumbel becomes a lover of non-violence and peace intensifying the chasm till finally Rustler decides to eliminate him. He unleashes the Israeli intelligence to finish off Plumbel who flees to Norway and is highly protected by Norberta, the half shamanic Prime Minister. He is sent to the Sami Parliament in Karasjok. The protective wings of Norberta are grossly inadequate to safeguard a man with the US in hot pursuit of him. She packs him off to Vietnam that has a strong history of defeating the might of Americans. She and the President of Vietnam are close friends. He in turn stealthily informs Russia and China of the new developments in world politics. Sensing trouble Norberta speaks to Claudia, the German Chancellor who is more than happy to help her close friend and take Plumbel into her protective arms.

Americans are unable to penetrate the secret chambers of Germany. Claudia has many surprises and shocks for the US in her armory. Plumbel is placed under the care of the pastor in Ulm that houses the tallest cathedral in the world. The way Plumbel is able to convince Claudia of the need for fighting the hegemony of Rustler and that of his mad pursuit of war against cosmic beings in PlanetB2 exhilarates Claudia. The cosmic beings in the meantime begin to intensify their communication of life giving waves to all earthly beings whose bodies are open to receive their waves. World opinion begins to change in favor of peace. Rustler perceives this as a strong statement against his pursuit of the mission to PlanetB2 and he discovers that Claudia is the queen bee that generates new life and force against his designs to subvert the cosmic order. However, she falls in love with Plumbel and it is a new romance for both of them. That is fatal for Plumbel. Rustler’s Israeli agents get the better of him within the church in Ulm and pump a few bullets into his body.

Amidst growing opposition but strongly supported by his allies and the American people, Rustler launches his next mission that needs to be decisive. He stuffs Bigbelly5, the spacecraft in the mission to PlanetB2 with NBC weapons with the sinister design of bombing the entire planet if the cosmic beings resisted the landing of Bigbelly5. That is what happens exactly. The spacecraft and all other accompanying vehicles melt in the liquid zone that protects PlanetB2. Unable to achieve his goal and overcome PlanetB2, Rustler turns his ire against all countries that opposed his mission. He forms the Earth Alliance and the others call themselves as Cosmic Alliance. The most catastrophic world war follows.

The author’s description of the most devastating war strategies in the postmodern era is simply mind blowing. What happens after this self-destructive war? Is there any hope for the world to survive with the exhaustion of their entire stockpile of NBC weapons? How does Claudia surprise the entire world with her German strike power? What is the role of the cosmic beings in PlanetB2 in this bloody war of all times? How does the war continue when all leaders of many countries become victims of their own NBC weapons? Is there a PlanetB2 at all? What are the methods of human madness?

All these and many more intriguing questions are taken up in the novel by the prolific writer M C Raj in his latest novel PlanetB2. You will do well to take the journey through the world and through other planets, through a world of new paradigms in order to unravel the mysteries that fabricate this novel. There is no doubt that a novel like this has never been written before in world history. M C Raj Author excels in his writing style as usual and makes a tough novel easily readable. He also takes you through a world of information that perhaps you never knew. It is worth putting your hand on this novel and then it becomes inevitable that you enjoy each and every page of the novel. A real literary treat awaits you. Enjoy it.

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