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Radical Views
M C Raj The Facade of Poverty
31 July, 2013

This is one of the funniest things to have taken place in recent history of India though it was not totally unexpected. I wish I could get hold of such hippo skinned humans, submerge them fully into a quagmire of inextricable poverty and shame, pull them out in time before they die and make them look at the mirror and see what they are really worth.

Such reprehensible human beings in high places! Where are we going as a country? They take false pride in a rich mystical spirituality that believes in universal brotherhood and they rape our women at their whims and fancies. Only some abnormal and crooked foreigners can change their attire and hairdo in order to dance to the tune of such pernicious ‘Indian’ spirituality.

They take pains to propagate the cultural heritage of this country to every unassuming visitor from different countries of the world. The visitors look at the red thilak on the forehead of ‘Indian’ women and apply it on their own forehead much bigger than normal size and enjoy a temporary bliss. Leave alone the fact that they call it the ‘coin’ or the ‘circle’ without even caring to know the real name.

Entrenched in such glorification of ‘Indian’ culture the true Indian men defy all the walls of the cities with their unlimited flow of urine showcasing their ‘guns’ to passing women without any sense of opprobrium. They paint the buses, the trains, the public buildings and everything that they can sight with the liquid mixed with that infamous red pan in their mouth. Spit, spit and spit anywhere, everywhere and all over the country.

They propound the false theory that we are the largest democracy in the world and invoke the proof of their argumentation that it is a miracle to have governed India for over 65 years. Shameless governments have come and gone without the public rising in revolt except when that frail looking JP called for a total revolution. That was an aberration of Indian emotion that overthrew the likes of Indira Gandhi who ‘universalized’ corruption in India.

The legacy of JP was obliterated little by little by his own followers in an attempt to outwit the minions of Indira Gandhi in corruption. Even absolute dictators can provide stable governments. Have we not read this in our history books? Have we not seen this with our naked eyes? The challenge is to provide stable governments that will get into the job of distribution of wealth and resources to all citizens.

The fiascoes, the charisma nourished and propagated by the self-subsuming media, the croaking on rooftops, the unabashed spending of countless millions during elections, the marriages of conveniences, the scandalous parties, the violence on innocent voters, the increasingly dividing gap in society, the orchestrated communal killings, the proliferated hatred among human beings, the eternally perpetuated untouchability, the unabated atrocity and exclusion etc. etc. Are these not the true byproducts of a religion that dogmatically establishes the world as illusion and the illusion of Brahma as true? The dichotomy and double standards have a strong foundation in India.

No wonder then that today’s rulers find it as the most amusing thing that Indian citizens are mute donkeys when it comes to having a field day with their shenanigans. Look at the way this guy, the deputy chairman of the planning commission has brazenly drawn the poverty line. I wish all Indians had the courage to push him under that line that he has drawn and not allow it him to rise above it for a few years.

Look at the way the other guy, the chairman of the planning commission is watching this drama as he is habituated not to open his mouth for anything except for praising the American President and for asserting that India’s development lies in taking virtual destruction to the doorsteps of the poor.

The skullduggery sanctified through many religious dogmas and rewarded with earthly blessings. Look at all the Ashrams in India keeping mum at this barefaced manifestation of the true face of the ruling class. They need such a ruling class to perpetuate their dishonest accumulation of wealth and riches while the poor languish in the limbo.

It is an outright kick in the teeth of the poor. And today one minister has made a cocky assertion that he can feed at least eight poor with only twelve rupees. One wonders immediately if the Indian rupee has outsmarted the American dollar. In the same Hindu paper one reads that the cost of one MP seat in India today is 800 million rupees.

One hopes that this is a bit exaggerated. But it does not look like it when you read again in the same paper that one MLA has offered five million rupees to any village that gives all its votes to him. All of these fellows belong to the ruling party in India. The silence of party bosses is a clear indication of their tacit approval.

Then it made some sense to me when one MP of the Congress Party told me that he spent 120 million rupees to get elected and he regrets it because he cannot still become a minister.

Just contrast the rates for the poor and remuneration for power to govern the same poor. That is the dishonesty in India that those who get elected by the poor for their welfare buy the poor at the time of elections. I am wondering why so many millions of us, the educated class in India has the luxury of opting to keep mum even at the face of such impertinent assertions.
Such monkeyshines will lower poverty line below an intolerable level and not really reduce poverty in India. With this level of chicanery India will soon get rid of the poor through their planning in cozy tables over free flow of pegs from imported whisky bottles. As the spirit of the members of the planning commission shoots up the level of poverty in India will come down (dis) proportionately.

Do we have any doubt now about the shenanigan of the ruling class? Reduce the poverty line as much as possible to the level that there will be no poor in India. If the poor in India are expected to live with only 27 rupees a day one can be easily assured that the poor will be soon eliminated from the face of the earth.

Push them out of the periphery of development so that they may not live long. Chase them out of the boundaries of cities so that they may not find their means of livelihood. Introduce machinery for every labor so that the poor may lose all their opportunity to live. Reduce the value of Indian rupee almost every day and simultaneously make the most dishonest assertion that the poor can live with not even the barest minimum.

In the face of such criminality, the ones in the crossroads of development keep wondering as to who is more dishonest, the ones who are occupying the ruling chairs or the ones who hold elated positions in Universities, in Corporate offices, in the comfort of non-working government offices. The dividing line is very thin. Who is guiltier of being dishonest? Definitely the educated elites who have to be the conscience of the nation, who have to guide the destiny of the people should bear the brunt.

It goes without saying that the country is ripe for total revolution more than ever. We cannot wait eternally for the emergence of a JP. Such a change will not last. Let the bigotry of religion be thrown to the dustbin. Let the halo of power around the head of rulers be dismantled at the earliest. Let the elite class of India be made to bite the dust at the earliest. Let the poor raise dust all over the country.

We do not have an individual enemy. We do not have an external enemy. We even do not have a group of enemies who can be located and pinned. When our own turn to be our worst enemies we need to gather that extra power within ourselves not to be cheated, not to be exploited, not to be oppressed. Do the people of India have that power? Will they be able to gather that type of storm given the fact that we have religious dogmas and political systems constantly hovering over our heads as the sword of Damocles?