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M C Raj Advani or Modi: Let the ball game begin
12 June, 2013

That is a good entertainment for weary Indians who have made rape and cricket their religion. The surprise is that such entertainment has come from a man as old as 85. Well, entertainment has no age for some reason. It is a team game. The entire team of BJP is one in plotting and playing the game.

The goal post is 2014. The race is to capture the seat of the Prime Minister. The game looks good. We enjoy it to the full. Those who understand the rules of the game can cry foul at times. Those who do not know the rules enjoy the game fully. The key players! Wah, that in itself is a big game. One is seen as a national criminal, not yet proved in a court of law. The other is seen as a state criminal holding all the mechanisms in his hand not to be indicted.

One is seen as a professional demolisher and the other a professional killer. The ‘ball’ in the game is the Muslim community that is now more or less reconciled to the inevitability of being kicked around for the enjoyment of the ‘majority’ Hindu community.

At an age that he should be playing with his great grandchildren, L K Advani still wants to be key player running around like an aimless kid in a ground that has no boundary. Constitutional boundaries? What are you talking about?
This is a Hindu Rashtra for your kind information. Religion and caste come first here and only then constitution. We shall trample the constitution whenever it does not suit the achievement of our objectives.

It is not for nothing that Advani went around the entire country in his ‘Rath Yatra’. If he is not crowned as the undisputed king of India, the minions must have done something terribly wrong. Narendra Modi is too immature and young to know the value of the education given by the great patriarch on his brand of patriotism. Building this nation as a country of Hindus! The indisputable truth of Indian life!

Anything that stands on this partisan way of building the future India will be demolished ruthlessly. Demolition of Babri Masjid! Advani, the achiever par excellence! Kalyan Singh, the hoodwinker of national shame, sorry fame. Support for Advani welling up from expected quarters. Friends of yore!

Disillusioned with the young, the next generation of political leadership, the heroes of Godhra! The vigor, the commitment, the enthusiasm, the arrogance, the ruthlessness, the killer instinct etc.! One step above the older generation in everything! Killing of so many Muslims and running away with it! Now being rewarded by Hindu India! How can the old guard stand up to challenge it?
Withdrawal, the only option! Resignation, a decent exit! Both being watched in amazement! The onlookers on the battleground! Naïve consumers of lopsided indoctrination of an otherwise sublime spirituality, known the world over. Hinduism put to shame by its own political agents.

Power tussle! Natural in politics! What is the big issue now? It is the timing. Remember 2014 is not far. Gird up your loins old guard. More than three thousand years of experience in politicking. Fight, nay create an illusion of fighting so that the old can be dismissed easily by the unsuspecting voters and young may be chosen to be crowned as undisputed kings. It is the party that matters, not individuals. A party of shenanigans founded on doctrines of unscrupulous aggrandizement of power!

So it becomes a battle wit among equals. Not within BJP! I mean the battle between the Congress and the BJP. Is Congress lagging behind in shenanigans? Any true Congressman would get offended at such an audacious thought. So, where do we, the voters draw the battle lines? Between Advani and Modi or between Congress and BJP? That is the shenanigan, confusing the voters to their own utter dismay.

Did they plan the disruption of Parliament together or separately? The cumulative consequence is that the Parliament did not function to the advantage of the citizen. Clap your hands my dear voters for being the best and perhaps the most idiotic onlookers of the non-functioning of your own parliament.

The voters taken on a ride once again! Can anyone reasonably believe that Advani and Modi would genuinely fight in 2014? Who is the loser? Think of it more than thinking of who can be the possible winner? BJP has to win. That is the rule of BJP’s electoral game. Who know the rule? Definitely not the voter!

Let us be charitable to the sulking patriarch. The insider knows only too well the existence of two tangible factions within BJP. It is not for no reason that Gadkari suddenly changed sides to support Modi. The young hawks in the BJP gathered together and older ones were waiting in the wings for their chance to arrive. Power game has its own rules.

Patriarchs are respected and venerated but not given power to govern. Modi has unlimited power to kill and escape the noose. The shenanigans! He is the ruler. Advani can only demolish and raise the dust. Sit in opposition ruing successfully the failures of the past. Not the ruler by any stretch of imagination. Living in illusions of power from the time of demolition! The dust of the past gathering storm into the future!

May be both are fighting. Who knows! If they are fighting indeed who else can be chasing a mirage better than these two. Will they come to power in 2014 by fighting each other? Will Advani hoodwink Modi or will Modi turn the tables on Advani? Any idiotic political pundit will know that both will be losers if any of these happens.
If BJP has to win then the voter will have to rally round one of these two in large number. Otherwise the Hindu voter will be the loser. Hindus will lose in the next elections. Congress will win once again. This is unthinkable to the aspirants of a Hindu Rashtra. Let the Hindu votes increase in this eternal fear of losing India to the Muslims and Dalits. Who cares if votes get divided?
No one in fact cares about the division of Hindu votes, as there will be definite game plans to come as the election time approaches. The day is not too far when both the vote catchers will embrace each other in full public glare and then the calculations will change. The media will watch this with glee, their profit doubled. They will then say that in the best interest of the party both will bury the hatchet. Those Muslims, Christians and Dalits who viewed Advani as a milder version of Hindutva and decided to support him and those who saw Modi as the inevitable concentration of power and ‘good’ governance will find it difficult to part ways with the BJP when both unite. Advantage BJP!

In a situation where Congress is also biting dust in many elections across the country any small advantage of number will mean big change in counting seats. Congress, that has buried its head like the proverbial ostrich and refuses to see the great advantage of Proportional Electoral system, will then realize that such small advantages will mean a huge difference in translating votes into seats. It will be too late.

For the voter in India it is always too late. Only 11 people are players in a cricket field. 11000 are just fools. The Indian voters enjoy this status of being the fool, the spectator clapping his hands at the occasional fours and the rare to come six and then bursting firecrackers at the results that were already fixed by bookies. We have enjoyed such foolish games in the last 65 years. Just one more game! Let us enjoy it without bothering about what games are being played behind the scenes and without ever taking the players to task.
Cricket is a British legacy. So is our electoral system. We are mental slaves of the British. Let us keep clapping our hands. Bravo, Indian voter. Enjoy your democratic illusion while your political bosses take away all resources and wealth under your feet.