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Born To Be Killed

M C Raj

It was difficult to recognize this man till the end of the road and may become difficult till the end of the world. Why blame me? His own wives recognized him only towards the end of his life. He married two daughters of Rasheed and was living with them happily. The Pope in the Vatican failed miserably and passed out at the very first sight of Kris. Mistaken identities! Deceptive appearances! When the Pope fell the Vatican police woke up and arrested him. The encounter with the two mystery men who actually took the Church to Rome! Wow! But when they went to the Vatican to pay respect to the dead Pope they were chased out. Rugged clothes! Country looks! Vatican bought only sophistication and sold poverty. The Pope murdered? Yes, of course. Poisoned successfully by a nun who was madly in love with a Cardinal. Speaking of madness, a group of Cardinal was out to kill Kris. For no reason at all? They did have a valid reason. Intricacies of Vatican finances!

Kris with his two Muslim wives in Sabarmati! Intriguing! The weird old man Karmachand! An encounter of sorts! But finally it was the encounter between him and his wife that stole the show. All because of two walking sticks. Also because of his arrogance that dared to experiment with ‘naked truths’! River Sabarmati, the eternally resilient one bore with all the ups and downs of Karmachand. But not Mataji! She let the old man flee to Bombay, took Kris and his two wives into confidence. Kris built the Ashram into an internationally famous one.

Oh, this Dr. Bhim Raj, an amazing Dalit Doctor of Philosophy! The big belly of the plane carried all the four to Berlin. Fatima, the second wife of Kris almost fell in love with Bhim. But only in Berlin do they realize that all of them went there to meet the same Philosopher. Karl, the man who made history and the man whom history made! Kris and Karl, an awesome combination, the first in the second and the second in the first. Two in one! No wonder then, that Karl took all the bullets into his own body. The Cardinals had sent them to finish off Kris. Karl goes. Kris and Bhim! Two worlds apart! But finally Bhim regretted his conversion to Budhism and went back to India. Parting ways! Railway lines, two parallel lines never meet. Buddhism, the bane of Dalit liberation!

Her Majesty, the Rhine, Mother Alta, the ever-dancing dame Thames, romantic interplay of the cosmos! Mueller, the gay journalist, the guide, the friend and a rock of support! Bullets removed from Kris’ body. Slow recovery under German government’s care! Alice, the nun who poisoned the Pope without knowing the plot of the group of Cardinals revealed the entire truth on German TV. The investigator, offering sex to the Cardinal pulled out precious information in return. Germany and USA joined hands. Hush up! Shut up or else…

The final confrontation of love in Porto Alegre! Kris and Fatima on loggerheads! How could this man be ordinary? Rhea the elder wife watched in awe. The Indigenous woman Shaman came to the rescue. She found out the true identity of Kris. Mystery revealed to Fatima, his most beloved wife. But before that, wait… The bullets of the Cardinals had their final taste of Kris’s flesh and blood. In the lap of Indigenous mothers he breathed his last one more time. Yes, this is what the Shaman woman revealed to Fatima that the hero of our story is none other than Jesus. He has come a second time, a third time, a fourth time and will come again.  “Are we wives of a god?” stunning self-realization. “I am no god. I am just a human being” persists Jesus, sorry Kris.

“Did he not leave a worm in your womb?”, innocent question in India. “He will come again, he will come again and again.” Fatima dodges the question with a truth statement.

“Krishna nee begane baro… Come back as Jesus, come back as Allah, come back as anyone…” resounds as the novel ends in India.