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Blissed Out

The Romantic Revolution

M C Raj

Helen is born in the UK. Her father serves in Biritish Army. He is highly depressed at the way killing takes place in war without the other side having nothing to do with enmity. He comes back home for holidays and commits suicide. Helen’s mother dies as soon as she is born. Helen grows up in the house of the brother of her father as a rebellious child. Seeking much attention she is very free with her sexuality. She has a few bad experiences and becomes serious in her life and frequents library in order to read books. She meets an Indian lady and becomes close to her. In her search for Buddhism and spirituality she is referred to a Hindu Ashram in the US by her friend. She encounters the Hindu Swamiji in the US who has a past in the Indian jail. He practices Hindu Tantra and introduces Tantric Sex to Helen. But she has to leave the US as she is blackmailed in the Ashram. She goes back home to the UK but is made use of by her uncle as a trump card in the British occupation of Aotearoa, the Maori land. The Waitangi Treaty is forced on the Maori people by the British rulers. Her uncle who is the architect of the Waitangi Treaty and a Major in the British Army plots that Helen should entice Ngai Tahu who is a rebellious Chieftain of the Maoris. But they fall in love and marry. Ngai Tahu is killed my the Major and Helen leave New Zealand to spend time with an aboriginal Guru. Later she resurfaces to lead the Maori people in their land struggle and regains land from the British.

Iniyan is student from India who specializes in Maori Art Forms and becomes popular in the TV. She and Nyree, the daughter of Helen become friends and plan to marry. Helen likes Iniyan unusually and parts with her dairy to Iniyan in order to produce his next TV serial for the NZ TV.  Iniyan produces the serial first in his computer before going in for actual shooting. He leaves for India to meet his parents who are professors and plays for them the entire serial from his computer. A whole new plot unveils itself in the story of Helen. It becomes evident that Helen visits India after having a first meeting with Kumar, the father of Iniyan in NZ. Iniyan knew it already in NZ but keeps the secret to himself till his father and mother watch the entire serial. The serial also brings a very serious encounter of Helen’s with Buddhism, especially Vajrayana Buddhism which is not much know to common people. Iniyan has an open encounter with his Dad and is very supportive of him about multiple relationships. He convinces his father that he should bring back Helen to India and live with her. Anu reacts sharply. But finally when the future of Nyree is placed before her she agrees to bring Helen to India and decides that Kumar, her husband can have two wives in the eyes of the world. The complex realities of human sexuality and relationships run through the entire novel through a mix of philosophy and spirituality.

Iniyan goes back to New Zealand and convinces Helen that she should spend the rest of her life in company of her lover Kumar. Nyree and Iniyan remain as brother and sister and go back to New Zealand to develop a new art form synergizing Maori and Dalit Arts Forms. The younger generation of modern times shows a new path in human sexuality and relationships without taking any inspiration from either Scriptures or from their followers.